Copacking Services for Online Stores, Retail Chains, and Companies

There are many methods for creating promotional sets. One commonly used method, which you can also take advantage of at Pro-Logis warehouses, is copacking, a specific type of packaging. We are an experienced partner in warehousing, packaging, and distribution of goods. We operate in Warsaw, offering our clients flexible and comprehensive logistics solutions.

Copacking Services Offer

Our co-packing services include:

Copacking Services

We provide a wide range of co-packing services for 3PL. We pack and re-pack goods from larger boxes into smaller packages, stands, or displays, which can include labelling or other preparations. We have experience with various co-packing services, including preparing boxes, displays, stands, personalized baskets, or bags, and promotional sets.


Our labelling services cover a variety of products, such as carton boxes, toys, books, cosmetics, and more. We also offer label removal for returned products and handle large volumes, with batches often exceeding tens of thousands of items.


We have experience with promotional sets of different sizes and marketing kits. We can also unbundle ready-made sets and set the items aside. Additionally, we offer upcoding services.

Machine and Manual Copackaging

We provide top-quality packaging services using both modern machines and manual methods, allowing the process to be tailored to each client's individual needs.

No Minimum Order Quantity

We collaborate with both large and small companies, meaning we do not require a minimum order quantity. Every order is equally important to us.

Flexible Pricing

The cost of our services depends on the number of sets, allowing for cost adjustments to fit the client's budget.

Fast Order Fulfillment

We guarantee order fulfillment within 30 days, enabling a quick market launch of products.

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Competitive Advantages of PRO-LOGIS

Our company stands out from the competition due to several key advantages:


We understand that every client has unique needs, and we are ready to adapt our services to meet their requirements. We serve both small businesses just starting out and large enterprises with a high number of SKUs and pallets.

Range of Experience

We have experience handling various industries, from large big bags of coffee to small boxes of cosmetics, enabling us to tailor our services to the specific needs of each client.

Combination of Wholesale, Retail, and E-commerce

Our infrastructure is well-suited to handle both traditional sales channels and e-commerce. We have pallet racks and specialized e-commerce racks, optimizing space utilization.

Integration of Fulfillment and Co-packing

We can combine fulfillment services with co-packing, allowing for flexibility and efficiency in warehouse and order management.

Custom Integration Solutions

We offer both widely available integrators and specialized solutions tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

Added Services

n addition to co-packing, we offer services such as product photography, dimensioning, creating promotional sets, decorative packaging, and ordering assistance.

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Our Warehouses in Numbers

We have modern, dry, and heated warehouses located in Warsaw, offering convenient access and secure storage for goods. Our facilities are protected 24/7, monitored, and insured against fire and unforeseen events up to PLN 40 million. We also have liability insurance up to PLN 5 million, ensuring the complete safety of the products entrusted to us.

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Pro-Logis is a 3PL warehouse services company, but that accounts for only 50% of our business. The other half involves co-packing and all types of specialized goods handling. In addition to our standard warehousing services, we offer professional packing services, primarily co-packing, but also labelling, bundling, and unbundling of various product types.

Co packing
Co packaging

End Products

We handle a wide range of goods, from stands and displays to tailor-made promotional sets, product kits, small cartons, and re-packing services. We re-pack products from containers into small packages and upcode products, including enclosing all types of documents and producing labels.

Range of Products

We have prepared stands with toys, cosmetics, books, stationery, confectionery, tools, coffee, and more. We handle large and heavy items like garden tools, as well as small items like bottles, food jars, and cosmetic jars and boxes.


Our infrastructure ensures efficient co-packing, providing fast and reasonably priced services. We employ over 100 experienced co-workers and have been in this business for over 10 years.

Full Service

We offer comprehensive 3PL warehousing services, including forwarding services, providing a complete value chain. Our service starts from in-delivery, quality control, and storage, through to delivery preparation and outbound logistics in a door-to-door system. We have extensive experience with the specific demands of large retail chains.

Outbound Logistics

We cooperate with all Polish couriers and have our own forwarding office capable of organizing deliveries to all European countries. We specialize in logistics for specific and highly demanding end customers, as we cooperate with all Polish retail chains and understand their specific requirements.

Typical End Customers

We typically prepare stands for big retail chains, a unique competence requiring the preparation of hundreds, often thousands, of stands in a very short time, typically just a few days.

Experience with Retail Chains

Retail chains impose strict and tightly controlled conditions on suppliers regarding on-time delivery, timing, and delivery sizes. Our long experience with these requirements ensures compliance is not an issue for us.

Specific Jobs

We handle a wide range of specific jobs, such as pumping rubber balls, re-packing toys from large cartons into promo bundles, removing labels from returned books, and sorting mixed deliveries of goods returned from retail chains. We are also familiar with unbundling and upcoding.

Professional Copacking

We have extensive experience with specific packing requirements, including packing carton stands, promotional bundles, making sets, and protecting them with professional packing. We can create kits and prepare all types of promotional packaging, including cartons, plastic bags, and individual packages.

Courier Box Packing and Freight Copacking

Our specialized infrastructure and packing expertise cover all types of packing, from courier box packing for retail customers to freight packing for truck deliveries. We handle all types of pallets, including EURO and Chep, and are experienced with container deliveries requiring manual handling.

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