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Welcome to the homepage of Pro-logis – your reliable logistic partner offering a wide range of logistical services dedicated to companies seeking support in external fulfillment, external warehousing, wrapping, packaging, and many other key areas. As a market leader, we provide solutions that support the growth of your business, allowing you to focus on the core aspects of your operations.

Supporting your business at every stage of the logistic process


Our comprehensive fulfillment services cover the entire order fulfillment process, from receiving products, warehousing, picking, and packing, to shipping to the end customer. Thanks to our advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS PRO-LOGIS), we guarantee fast and error-free order processing.


We have modern external warehouses located in Warsaw and Brwinów, with a total area of 18,200 m², equipped with 19,000 pallet spaces and 58,000 picking locations. Our warehouses are dry, heated, dust-free, and monitored 24/7, ensuring the highest level of security for stored goods.


We offer packaging services that are crucial for companies needing a flexible logistic partner to prepare products for sale. With our experience, we can handle both small and large orders, adapting to the individual needs of each client.


Our wrapping services are the perfect solution for companies needing professional preparation of products for sale. We handle both large orders and small batches, ensuring high quality and precision. Our experience allows us to serve various industries, making us a versatile partner in any project.


Through our labeling services, we enable the customization of products to specific market requirements and individual customer needs. We offer both serial and single-product labeling, allowing for flexible assortment management. We label each product precisely and carefully, ensuring an aesthetic appearance and compliance with customer requirements.


We provide fast and reliable transport of goods from any location in Europe, including the United Kingdom. Our service includes collection, receipt, warehousing, and shipping of goods, ensuring full control over the entire logistic process.

Looking for logistical services?

Contact us, and we will prepare a comprehensive offer for you.

Starting cooperation in several steps

Step 1
Customized offer

Based on the information provided and your needs, we prepare a comprehensive offer for logistical services tailored to you.

Step 2
IT systems integration

We integrate your systems and sales platforms with our internal WMS Pro-Logis system.

Step 3
Data entry

We enter your data and price list items into the WMS Pro-Logis system.

Step 4
Product inventory setup

We create an inventory of your products in the WMS Pro-Logis system.

Step 5
Goods collection

We collect your goods from the specified location.

Step 6
Goods reception

We receive your goods into the external warehouse.

Step 7
Commencement of service

We begin providing logistical services.

We are starting the cooperation immediately

For some logistics services, we are starting the cooperation in two steps - 1 and 7 from the list above.

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We offer comprehensive logistical services

Comprehensive logistical services

Drawing on extensive experience, we develop personalized packages of logistical and warehouse services that perfectly meet the expectations of our contractors.

Our solutions are based on flexibility, reliability, and cost optimization. We provide scheduled and punctual deliveries, which makes customers willingly entrust us with their goods.

Operating in accordance with the highest global standards and a transparent supply chain, we are a pioneer in the field of logistical services. As a logistics company with extensive experience, we aim to build long-term and partnership relationships, ensuring efficient and comprehensive service delivery.

Our headquarters are located in Warsaw’s Targówek district.

  • IT systems integration
  • Online inventory tracking
  • We also store non-standard dimensions

We invite you to explore our offer and take advantage of our services.

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We integrate our IT systems with multiple platforms.

Looking for logistical services?

Contact us, and we will prepare a comprehensive offer for you.

What distinguishes our logistic services?


Flexibility is our key characteristic and advantage. Logistics is a highly organized business field, demanding order from collaborating entities. While rigid requirements can help streamline processes, every client is unique. We understand this and are accustomed to it. This will be particularly useful for clients who have previously used their own warehouses and find the requirements of an external partner like 3PL surprising. We will help and go through this together.

Diverse experience

We work with both large and small clients. We are not intimidated by clients with 20,000 SKUs and 4,000 pallets, but we also serve clients with just one pallet and 5 SKUs. We have adapted because we understand that every big client was once small. We also serve various industries, from big bags of coffee weighing one ton to tiny boxes of cosmetics requiring precision and care.

Flexible logistic services
Wholesale logistics services

Combining wholesale with retail, including e-commerce

Many companies manage both sales channels, often starting their e-commerce journey. We are accustomed to this and have the appropriate infrastructure (which significantly differs) for both channels. We have traditional racks with pallet slots, as well as specialized racks for e-commerce, optimizing space utilization with numerous picking locations.

Combining fulfillment with co-packing

These two operations require completely different infrastructure, employee management methods, and space. Co-packing requires a flexible number of workers, plenty of empty square meters, and a flexible approach to procedures (each order is different). Fulfillment involves racks and procedures. We have both and can combine them. Many of our fulfillment clients occasionally need co-packing, and when it happens, organizing it is not a challenge for us. Clients often also need support in fulfillment for co-packing, although often on a limited basis.

Own integration solutions

Today, it is difficult to work without system integration. Here, too, we are flexible (it’s our motto). We can integrate through widely available integrators but also offer specialized proprietary solutions.

Value-added services

We can offer not only co-packing but also product photography, dimensioning, kit assembly, decorative packaging, or assistance with ordering (we have logistics competence).


We have been doing all this for 13 years, so we have learned to combine everything while remaining efficient, which translates into our prices. From the beginning, we offered a full range of services. This is unique because our competitors first specialized in something and then expanded their scope. This limited their ability to gain crucial experience, especially in integrating all services in one company.

Logistic systems integration