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Pro-logis a Warsaw based warehousing 3pl services company. We operate 2 large service warehouses. One is located on the outskirts of Warsaw, very well located next to Warsaw ring road. It is a 10.000 m2 warehouse, servicing as many as 71 customers, stemming from small, few pallet e-commerce start-ups up to around 5.000 pallet places with up to 10.000 SKU, and thousands of outbound dispatches. Our second warehouse, another 8.500 m2 is located in the neighborhood of Warsaw, in proximity of 30 kilometers out of Warsaw. Both warehouses are equipped to serve 3rd party logistics services to both to B2B as well as B2C (mainly e commerce) customers.

We serve both the small, even start-up e commerce sops up to large end customers, like retail chains consisting of up to 5.000 shops, both directly as well as through their logistics centers. Due to it, we are used to their very specific and overall extremely high logistics requirement. We comply with them for more than 10 years already.

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Warehousing services.

Here we provide e commerce logistics services to as many as 50 companies.

B2B logistics.

Large part of our warehouse facilitate the regular standard logistics infrastructure, like regular full size warehouse racking. It serves mainly B2B companies, offering handling of large scale and high volume deliveries. Our 3rd party logistics services include in-deliveries

B2C logistics, mainly e-commerce fulfillment.

Here we offer standard 3pl fulfillment services, with more than 10 years of experience. Regularly we handle as many as 2-3.000 parcels daily, but we are also used to promotional peaks of more than 5.000 a day. What we believe, makes us unique is that we prepare parcels also on Sunday, so the weekend end customer orders

Pick and pack warehouse.

We offer full scale of fulfillment, including

Reverse logistics.

We are used to a large scale returns, with as much as 30% of customer returns, typical to e-commerce. We receive the goods in 48 hours we check the condition (due to the standards agreed with our customers). We can prepack, repair or identify as a separate product of a discounted price.

Last mile delivery.

We work with a full scale of Polish and international couriers. We can offer our own contracts with courier companies (offering favorable terms due to large volumes) as well as our own transport service solutions.

Same day delivery.

To some customers we offer and same day logistics services, working with selected couriers. It is accompanied by late working hours of the warehouse, as we prepare parcels till 8.00 p.m. daily.

Measuring of goods.

It is a growing part of our business. Some of our customers, first of all those importing their goods from the Far East, asked for the measuring service. They do not have easy access to a readymade products, it is also a control tool for external and sometimes not fully tested suppliers. We can measure dimensions as well as weigh measuring, including updating the database of the IT system

Photo services.

Extended version of warehouse measuring services. We have our own photo studio, with all necessary infrastructure and equipment

3pl invoice and document handling service.

To selected suppliers we offer handling of necessary papers, including invoices, which we can print locally and add it to a ready-made parcel.

Office space.

Many of our international customers just start their business in Poland. To those we can offer a dedicated, temporary office space, next to the warehouse. The size and terms as well as the lease period are negotiable, as part of a bigger contract.

Outbound logistics.

We offer also local expertise in forwarding and transport. 

Our focus and specialty is retail chains deliveries

    1. We are familiar with specific requirements of retail chains (time of deliveries, markings, delivery documents) as well as we have the knowledge of Polish local legal boundaries (e.g. Sunday & Saturday transport limitations) 
    2. We also have experience with truck size and unloading conditions limitations, e.g. help of the driver with unloading, truck lifts, or deliveries to commercial centers
    3. We offer full scope of truck sizes, including small vans for local deliveries

IT integration.

It is a must for a 3pl logistics services, as we are just a part of your value chain. We offer as many as 4 different options of the integration of Your IT system. 

    1. For start-up we can offer even a e-mail/telephone communication (human interface)
    2. We offer the Web on-line connection to our WMS system, so the customer has and real time access to stock level as well placed offers, including their status in the system
    3. We offer our own dedicated integration (OMS – Order Management System) to our WMS system solution, where we take care for maintenance and updating. Here we take full responsibility for the system lean and smooth operation
    4. Last but not least we offer the common market solutions, like Integriser software. 

Dedicated key accounts.

Each and every customer receives dedicated service of a key account, as a contact person

    1. Co-packing services. Here we are proud of our 12-year experience as , focusing on co-operation with large retail chains. We can prepare for you as little as 1 pallet and  couple of stands, as well as several thousand stands for largest Polish 
    2. We offer full service, starting from designing stands (if needed), we can find a supplier, presenting several options to compare price and conditions.
    3. We know specific standards of retail chains and we know how to comply with them
    4. We have experience and solid truck record

Scope of warehouse services.

    1. We have experience with full scope of different products, starting from small size cosmetics or jewelry, up to 1.000 kg raw coffee beans bags and large size furniture. 
    2. When comes to product rage, we handle cosmetics, books, electro tools, toys, bottles, fashion products, car spare parts, home appliances, packed food and many others.

3PL co-packing services.

It is our third leg, added to 3pl warehouse service and outbound logistics together with last mile delivery services. We are flexible both in both order/job size as well as timing. Due to our experience we can prepare

Good handling.

In 3pl co-packing services we offer all kinds of goods handling, e.g. display preparation stands preparation, set making, co-packing, labelling and de-labelling etc. Typically we prepare stands and displays to large retail chains, as well as we handle the returns and taking care of the goods returned.

Our services

We are experienced and flexible from the timing point of view. In an extreme we are able to prepare the large scale action in a couple of days. We have experience, dedicated space, tested suppliers of required supplementary materials, including stand and displays, and last but not least experienced and dedicated team. We are prepared in emergency to work with night and 24/7 shifts.

  • Stands designing
  • Stands production
  • Scope of services
        1. We prepare ready-made stands
        2. We can do displays
        3. Co-packing
        4. Wrapping
        5. Preparation of sets
        6. Labelling
        7. De-labeling
        8. And name it…


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